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Let Picture Me™ Press turn your next promotion into a success! Our Special Sales division has worked with many national brands and retailers to develop custom products for promotions.   


Why books make successful promotions?

  • Books are family keepsakes
  • Ability to make a lasting impression
  • Easily tailored for account-specific promotions
  • Promote education and literacy
  • Foster creative promotions and cross-merchandising
  • Add value to your product
  • High perceived value with low cost of production


How to use books for your next promotion:

  • Product launches
  • On-pack, in-pack, and near-pack promotions
  • Gift with purchase
  • Mail-in and loyalty programs
  • Event marketing


Choose from various levels of customization:

  • Use an existing Picture Me™ Press patented format and add your company or product logo
  • Create a new title exclusively for your brand
  • Alter the size or shape to fit your packaging requirements
  • Develop content to highlight your product or initiative
  • Incorporate coupons or other collateral into the title


Some of our premium partners include:

  • Gerber Products Company
  • Konica Minolta Photo Imaging                     
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Ross Products Division
  • Sears Portrait Studios
  • CVS Stores
  • Polaroid
  • Campbell’s Soup Company
  • Pet Zone


For more information, please contact: 

Noelle Pangle



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