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Photo Tips

The photo should be a color photograph in digital format. The file
format should be .jpg (JPG or JPEG).

The photo should be at least 800 pixels wide, with a resolution of
300dpi. Larger is OK, but smaller may print fuzzy. Picture Me Press is
not responsible for poor printing results if images do not have enough

In order to achieve a good quality printout, the photo should ideally be
a close-up, head-and-shoulders shot at a reasonably high resolution.

The child should be looking straight at the camera.

The child's face should be in focus. We do not recommend moving people
or action-shots.

The child's face should not be obstructed.

The child should not be wearing anything on their head.

We recommend that only one child be included in the photograph. No
group shots.

The photo shown here is an example of a good photo. 


When you order your photo, you will receive a confirmation email.
Attach the photo to that email and return it to Picture Me Press.
Complete directions are included on the order page and shopping cart.

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